What A Man Should Want


Men,  do you desire a woman you can love and trust?  Do you desire someone who will help you not hinder you? Do you desire a woman to love you for you?   What do you want in a wife? Do you desire a woman like the Proverbs 31 woman?  Proverb 31 was written by Solomon’s Mom for her son with wisdom to instruct him on what to look for in a wife.  Solomon was a wise man according to the scriptures, but I wholeheartedly believe that he listened to the wise words of his Momma.    Her words  of wisdom told him to set his standards high in the wife he chooses.   In other words,  don’t settle for just any woman, those are a counterfeit gems and can be found any place,  but choose wisely!  Are you thinking; does she even exists?  Yes, she does; if you chose wisely she can be all that to you in your eyes.

Here is some real talk for those who are still seeking a wife.  If you are desiring to have a woman with godly virtues; she won’t be found in the club, bar or any other place she may have to check her godliness at the door.  So,  stop looking in the places where you won’t find her.   Good rule of wisdom is if she isn’t the one you’d bring home to Mom than she isn’t the one.  It’s not that a Mom must approve, but in her wisdom she has an intuition and wisdom you can’t see, because as they say “lust is blind” ohh, I meant love, love is blind. (Adding a hint of sarcasm).   Besides a Mom has her sons heart at best interest and is almost always a good judge of character. You’re Momma does know best.   No,  really she does.

So,  you already have a wife and you’re relationship isn’t what you thought it might be.  She’s not what you really wanted after the lust glasses came off? For starters,  keep your eyes on your own side of the fence.  You can’t look over and still  expect her to live up to your unrealistic expectations.   If you really desire a wife more precious than rubies; than treat her (the one you have) like a treasure not a possession.  I can’t express this strong enough; that she doesn’t belong to you.   She belongs to God.   She is His ruby,  precious gem and you must be careful how you handle that precious gem.  “Her heart needs to be so hidden in God that you have to seek Him to find her.” If you mistreat her, you’ll have to answer to Him.   She’s not you’re booty, she’s a treasure.  A treasure to take extreme care and caution of in handling of her emotions, needs,  desires.  She’s precious cargo straight from heaven.

Guys, let me let you in a little secret of what a godly woman wants from you.   She wants you to  BE A GODLY MAN.  A MAN who will lead her,  guide her,  care for her,  protect her,  love her with all your heart.

To have a godly woman is more precious than any of rarest of gems so take great care of her,  because she is simply beautiful by God’s design.


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