Your Body His Temple – What It Does


What do you mean ‘Be careful what it does’?  A part of ‘honoring God with your body’ from the scriptures is purity.  Regardless, if your single or married, keeping your body pure and holy in God’s sign is not only a command, but because it matters to the very heart of God. 1 Peter 1:15-16 says, “But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written, ‘Be holy because I AM holy.’”  It says in ALL (emphasis is mine) you do meaning both in thought, deed and action.  (Yep, here comes the corny line to describe our topic today, but I couldn’t resist) “Let’s talk about sex, Baby!” My kids would be like, “Oh gross” and run out of the room.   Haha!!! But in all seriousness, there is nothing new under the sun regarding this topic.  Immorality runs rampant from the Old Testament days to right this moment.  But does it make it right just because there is nothing new under the sun?  NOT a chance!!!

Sex has become TV’s standard, the internet makes sex and pornography easier than ever to obtain access to all avenues, pornography is a billion dollar business.  As a result, both the average person  and high profile men and women are getting ‘caught’ or exposed in adultery, pornography and even pedophiles.  Programs have been started to ‘help’ addicts, some schools teach abstinence, some teach sex education while providing ‘protection’.  So what’s missing?  A clear understanding that God is the creator of sex is what is missing.  *GASP* I blame the CHURCH *GASP* WHAT?  Yes, let me explain, God created sex, but in the church that word is might as be dubbed as a dirty word.  Taboo, no one talks about unless the pregnant teen shows up *GASP* or the deacon and the Sunday school teacher have an affair *GASP**GASP* My question is WHY do we brush it under the rug and NOT talk about it? Let’s all say it together, GOD CREATED SEX and it’s simply Beautiful – within in the intent that it was created – MARRIAGE!!! Ok, one last *GASP*!!!  Yes, within the context it was created MARRIAGE!  One man – one woman together forever…

In honoring God with what our bodies do whether we are single or married is a topic we could really discuss for quite some time.  But for the sake of time, let’s cut to the chase.  If you are single and a believer you must remain pure before marriage.  Not because I say so, but because God has a plan and purpose for you  and He says so in order to have a beautiful gift waiting for you when the right one crosses your path. The one that was created just for you.  If you have already made a decision to not wait, and you desire to make things right before God you can most certainly take it to Him,  and commit to Him that you will now wait until you can give yourself as a gift.  A marriage based on physical attraction and statically it will not last, even as a Christian.  A godly relationship isn’t based the act of sex it’s based on intimacy spiritually, emotionally and the physically.  Those who wait for marriage to be intimate it’ll be worth the wait, because if your honor God with your body He’ll give you favor.

If you’re already married, it’s also about the intimacy spiritually, emotionally and then physically.  First and foremost,  God must be at the center at all times no exceptions! Secondly,  never stop dating your spouse.  When you’re dating you take the time to listen to each word,  you are polite, put on your best you,  and be flirty.  It’s when these actions stop trouble can burst into your lives and cause destruction.  You’ve heard the saying “happy wife happy life”, but I say “happy man is putty in your hand” 😉  To keep that fire burning you gotta stoke the flames it’s ok to send flirty not dirty text messages to each other.  Just be careful to not send them to one if you’re children, yep, that so happened.  Leave “I love you” messages, hold hands, create your own love language and laugh together.    My favorite thing to do is catch my spouse staring at me, it’s overwhelming when you can sense the love.  Sometimes you don’t know what your did to deserve a godly loving  marriage, but you wouldn’t know how to be without it.   But to think that God loves us even more is just mind incomprehensible that we don’t deserve His love for us,  but you don’t every want to be without it.   So,  that’s a small reason why we must be careful with what we do with our temple and “honor God with our body”.  Following His plan is Simply Beautiful by God’s design.

~Simply Beautiful Ministries~
You are Simply Beautiful by God’s design.

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