Your Body His Temple – How It Reacts


When you emotions get the best of you, are you a person who reacts or responds to your circumstances? Emotions can some times get the best or worst of us. But God doesn’t expect us to not have emotions. He created all of us body, spirit and soul to include emotions. Again, He doesn’t expect us to not have emotions, He just wants us to learn how to handle our emotions in a way that is honoring Him with our body. I am just going to take a wild guess, but most likely at some point in your life you may have over reacted on an emotion or two. Right? Ever heard the saying ‘a little too emotional’ or ‘mood swings’? An emotional person is defined as: “One easily affected with or stirred by emotion; one who displays emotion; one with a tendency to rely on or place too much value on emotion; one whose conduct is ruled by emotion rather than reason.” Are you ruled by your emotions rather than reason? My heritage is Polish/Irish or as my husband calls me “Pirish” which history says based on that I could be dubbed a stubborn hot-head. Yes, admitting it, my younger days I lived up to that dubbing. However, as I grow closer to the Lord over the years I have learned to put into practice (not that I have perfected it) how to respond rather that react. My younger days, Oh buddy, you betcha I reacted. Sad to say, sometimes I still can, but then the Holy Spirit that lives inside reminds me to settle it down. Some personality traits are genetic, but some are learned behavior are well. If you are a personality is soft spoken quiet you might be slower to anger than someone who is a little on the bolder side. But no matter your personality trait, reacting is our natural response to a situation, but responding takes practice and self-control. It’s a discipline to learn how to respond. It requires to think about the situation rather than just fly off at the handle. It doesn’t have to be just the emotion of anger, it really applies to any emotion. But if left undisciplined, our emotions become toxic. The enemy knows our weakness and he is ready to use it to our disadvantage to destroy our witness at any given moment including using how we react. I Peter 5:8 in the Message Bible says, “Keep a cool head. Stay alert. The Devil is poised to pounce, and would like nothing better than to catch you napping. Keep your guard up.” If we ‘keep a cool head’, that means we are applying self-discipline to not react to a situation that the enemy takes advantage of and we can put into practice responding. Can you think of a time when you reacted? Oh, I can think of plenty of times. Might the outcome have been different if you responded a little differently? Yes, it might have saved us a to have to ‘eat crow’ and humble yourselves to apologize for our behavior, right? I encourage you today to start, if you haven’t already, practicing the art (yes, it is an art) self-discipline of responding rather than reacting. Like I said earlier, it’s a practice, and it takes time to learn. When we respond to a circumstance rather than react it’s really honoring God with our body or our emotions and it’s Simply Beautiful because it’s by His design.

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